Has the time come for Texx to settle down with a girl ?????

I didnt realize it until today, that Im apparently in a Twilight Zone episode and didnt know it.

On top of all the sureal things happening, Eric Trump has announced his membership in the LGTB community.
If that true, I need to start dating and get married...

I damn near peed myself laughing, when I found out that Tweety Bird,
his First Bimbo err - I mean FLOTUS and advisor Hope Hicks all tested positive for SARS2-Cov19.
I wonder if hes going to sneak out to campaign rallies.

I guess that Cloroquine didnt work so well, did it ? (Maniacal laughter)

More seriously, there are a number of his followers truly believe that if he is at a rally,
nobody in the crowd will catch the virus.
They REALLY think is IS a GOD. Perhaps, this will give them pause.

My father has noticed some major differences in how Tweety Bird stands and moves.
Dad thinks hes had a stroke at the very least.

Someone made an interesting point, recently.
The GOP swears that any election they dont win is rigged.
Its easy to disparaage them for this, but that is lowering US to THEIR level down in the gutters.
Fortunately, someone has been asking WHY, instead of just calling them a "basket of deplorables"

While Trump is accused of robbing Hillary, the fact of the matter is that Trump KNEW who his follower WERE and SHE DIDNT.
This is a lesson that almost bit the Dems again.

Keep in mind that io come from an Orange County Republican banking family.
(We are more "Goldwater Republicans" then "Neocons" and that has its own barrel of issues)

So here it is:
The media landscape is so divided that many in the GOP camp simply DONT KNOW ANYONE who is voting for Biden.
Read that line again 5 times, Ill wait.

The lightbulb illuminates...
If everyone you know agrees with you, its easy to get the idea that your opinion is the majority,
and then it is easy to believe that if your side fails to win, there must be something shady doing on.

These are scary times, and I shouldnt be laughing, but today has given me the best laughter in WEEKS or maybe MONTHS.

Im in the basement of a hopuse in the Berkeley Hills. It smells like an ashtray down here.
At 5am, the moon was high and an orange-brown.
I was expecting another Nuclear Wednesday sky but we got a yellow peach sky with an orange sun.
Its going to be worse in the morning.

Most of the other fires are coming under control, but the area around Santa Rosa and the Alexander Valley
(Geyserville, Calistoga, St Helena etc) is burning, basically the part that DIDNT burn in 2017.

The San Andreas fault has been VERY active lately, particularly down around the Salton Sea.
The San Andreas actually starts in the Gulf of Baja and heads up Imperial Valley, then across the southern
San Juaquin valley, then up the coast, through the Santa Cruz Mtns, up the peninsula and then up the coast to OR WA etc.

With everythibg else going on, wouldnt a nice big quake put a great big cherry on top of the whole frequing mess?

What a mess

Tonights debate was everythng I expected.

President Tweety Bird talked over everyone including the moderator.

I do not understand why they dont just cut the mike when someones time expires.
Every year it gets worse, and they should be on stage in soundproof booths and when your time runs out,
the mike in your booth dies and the spotlight on you goes out.
Being unwilling to do som obviously those staging the debates are complicit with the poor behaviour.

My life continues circling the drain.
I guess, Im curious enough to stick around maybe for the innauguration.
Unfortunately, that requires surviving christmas.

As disappointing as the Ginsburg debacle has become, the GOP is going to shoot themselves in the foot.
This wound will hurt them for years to come.

I posted a rant from an unusually articulate Trump supporter.
I was relieved that I wasnt pillories for it, but was disappointed by the reaction I DID get for it.

I am a firm believe in the "Keep your feiends close, but your enemies closer"
I also believe that everyone should keep a copuple devils advocates nearby,
something that neither Trump NOR Clinton were willing to do.
The lack of a devils advocate contributed to Clintons political losses in 2016 and during her State Dept years.

The disappointing reaction I got on that repost, indicated that they completely missed the point.
I was not expecting anyone to agree with it, and was relieved that no one did.
My point was that you should understand where the other guys is coming from, even if you dont agree with it.
When your reaction is "Gawd what an asshole" you are no better than that person you disagree with.

I was saddened by the fact that nobody felt the need to understand WHY they were being such a cretin.

For those who really desire retribution against Trump, I point to the NY Times revelation of the tax returns.
For a guy like that, there are 2 outcomes that will do more to him than a good physical beating.
One is being led off in handcuffs in a public "perp walk" and the other is having his whole empire collapse.

Weve been WONDERING why he takes his orders from Moscow. Now we know.

Whats really interesting is just how close he is to going broke.
Even if he manages to stay for 4 more years, hes going broke.
Hes been shoring things up with residuals from re runs of apprentice and that cash is running out.
I dont see anyone reviving his TV show. I dont see Faux Noose making him a commentator.

While he can pardion all his cronies, he can only pardon Federal stuff.
Pardons will do nothing against the stuff from the state of NY.
Slowly, they will crush his cronies on state raps, and then they will go after his family, one by one.
And finally (If not reelected this year) Late 2023, they will close in on him.

Meanwhile. the Word TRUMP will become toxic, with people chipping the name off every building he has as
they one by one pass into receivership.
Karma is gonna get this guy.... eventually.

I believe Colleen has an expression about karma running over someones dogma.

If he manages to somehow egt this thing thrown to the kangaroo err I mean... supreme court,
he WONT be able to get a 3rd term.

The GOP is going to lose both houses, he wont be able to rewrite the constitution and in the end,
the military will wheel him out of the whitehouse in a desk chair with guns drawn.

The big problem is his stacking of the supreme court.
We will be stuck with it for a while until conservatives start to croak.

One option is to add justices to the bench,
but that will set precedent for the other side to do it again to regain their advantage.

Unfortunately, the best way is to suffer through it until a couple of the conservatives die off or retire.
The GOP has made such a hash of things, the dems may hold the power long enough to actually fix the balance.
After this, I just dont see the GOP recovering from this mess.

If the electoral college ties, it goes to the hosue.
The house votes for president and senate votes for the veep.

The way the house works is normally the individual reps vote and in that case the Dems are in control.
In the case of the presidential vote in case of electoral tie, the vote is via state so if the number of GOP reps in a state outnumber the Dem reps in that state, the state votes GOP.
In other words the House could vote GOP despite being under Dem control.

If the Dems get enough of the Senate, it is actually possible to end up with Trump & Harris next year.
A true nightmare for Trump.

Interestingly enough, Trump could be elected, the GOP could lose the Senate,
and then we will have another impeachment that WILL result in a removal.

While everyone is depressed about the Supreme Court, they are forgetting that this could be the most exciting election in history.

There is soo much disinformation flying abaout, I cant make any precitions, other than CHAOS.

Maybe next post, Ill post about the water system at Sharons place in Willits.

This just in

On a FaceCrack feed, something popped up.

This is an angry rant from a Trump supporter.
This is NOT my opinion, but it bears SERIOUS reading and consideration.
Buried in the hate are some points that really SHOULD be addressed.

Please dont shoot me for posting this.
I am a true believer in "Keep freinds close, keep enemies closer"

Seriously, even if you disagree with this angry guy, thoroughly consider his points.
If you just write hiom off as a nut case, we will have even more trouble in 2024.
The key to NOT repeating the last 4 years on steroids is in reading and UNDERSTANDING this guys points.

I dont expect anyone to agree with him, but it is critical that we at the very least
UNDERSTAND where his rage comes from.

Proceed at your own risk. This is NOT pretty by any means.
The malevolence of a certain Trump supporter, in his own words:
“You are a liberal who can’t stand Trump, and cannot possibly fathom why anyone would ever vote for him, let me fill you in.
It’s not that we love Donald Trump so much. It’s that we can’t stand you.
And we will do whatever it takes — even if that means electing a rude, obnoxious, unpredictable, narcissist (your words not ours) to the office of President of the United States — because the thing we find more dangerous to this nation than Donald Trump is YOU.
How is that possible, you might ask?
Well, you have done everything in your power to destroy our country, from tearing down the police to tearing down our history to tearing down our borders. From systematically destroying our schools and brainwashing our kids into believing socialism is the answer to anything (despite being an unmitigated failure everywhere), while demonizing religion and faith, and glorifying abortion, violence, and thug culture.
From calling us racists every time we expect everyone of any skin color to follow our laws equally, to gaslighting us about 52 genders, polyamory, grown men in dresses sharing public locker rooms with little girls, and normalize the sexualization of young children, you simultaneously ridicule us for having the audacity to wish someone a “Merry Christmas” or hang a flag on the 4th of July, stand for the national anthem, or (horror of horrors) don a MAGA hat in public.
So much for your “tolerance.”
(See why we think you are just hypocrites??)
We’re also not interested in the fact that you think you can unilaterally decide that 250 years of the right-to-bear-arms against a tyrannical or ineffective government should be abolished because you can’t get the violence in the cities you manage under control. That free-speech should be tossed out the window, and that those who disagree with your opinions are fair game for public harassment or doxing. That spoiled children with nose-rings and tats who still live off their parent’s dime should be allowed to destroy cities and peoples livelihoods without repercussions. That chaos, and lawlessness, and disrespect for authority should be the norm.
This is your agenda. And you wonder why we find you more dangerous than Donald Trump?
Your narrative is a constant drone of oppressor/oppressed race-baiting intended to divide the country in as many ways as you possibly can. You love to sell “victim-hood” to people of color every chance you get because it’s such an easy sell, compared to actually teaching people to stand on their own two feet and take personal responsibility for their own lives and their own communities and their own futures. But you won’t do that, you will never do that, because then you will lose control over people of color. They might actually start thinking for themselves, God forbid!
This is why we will vote for Donald Trump.
Not because he is the most charming character on the block.
Not because he is the most polite politician to have ever graced the oval office.
Not because he is the most palatable choice, or because we love his moral character or because the man never lies, but because we are sick to death of you and all of the destructive crap you are doing to this once beautiful and relatively safe country.
Your ineffective and completely dysfunctional liberal “leadership”(?) has literally destroyed our most beautiful cities, our public education system, and done it’s damndest to rip faith out of people’s lives.
However bad Donald Trump may be, and he is far from perfect, every day we look at you and feel that no matter what Donald Trump says or does there is no possible way he could be any worse for our country than you people are.
We are sick to death of your stupid, destructive, ignorant, and intolerant behavior and beliefs — parading as “wokeness.” We are beyond sick of your hypocrisy and B.S.
We are fed up with your disrespectful divisiveness and constant unrelenting harping and whining and complaining (while you live in the most privileged nation in the world), while making literally zero contributions of anything positive to our society. Your entire focus is on ripping things down, never ever building anything up. Think about that as there is something fundamentally very wrong in the psychology of people who choose destruction as their primary modus operandi.
When Donald J Trump is reelected, don’t blame us, look in the mirror and blame yourselves, because you are the ones that are responsible for the rise of Donald Trump. You are the ones who have created this "monster" that you so despise, by your very actions, by your refusal to respect your fellow Americans, and the things that are important to us.
You have made fun of the “fly-over states,” the people who “cling to their guns and religion,” the middle class factory workers and coal miners and underprivileged rural populations that you dismissively call “yahoos” and “deplorables.” You have mocked our faith and our religion. You have mocked our values and our patriotism. You have trampled our flag and insulted our veterans and treated our first responders with contempt and hatred.
You have made environmentalism your religion, while trashing every city you have taken responsibility for. You scream from the rooftops about “global warming” and a “green new deal” while allowing tens of thousands of homeless people to cover your streets in literal sh!t and garbage and needles and plastic waste without doing a single thing to help them or solve the environmental crisis your failed social policies are creating. But we’re supposed to put YOU in charge of the environment while gutting our entire economy to institute this plan when you can’t even clean up a single city??
You complain — endlessly — yet have failed to solve a single social problem anywhere. In fact, all you have done is create more of them.
We’ve had enough. We are tired of quietly sitting by and being the “silent” majority. So don’t be surprised when the day comes when we finally respond. And trust me it’s coming, sooner than you might think. And also trust me when I say it won’t be pretty. Get ready.
When Donald Trump is reelected it will be because you and your “comrades” have chosen to trash the police, harass law-abiding citizens, and go on rampages destroying public property that we have all paid for and you have zero respect for.
When Donald Trump is reelected, it will be because we are sick of your complete and utter nonsense and destruction. How does it feel to know that half of this country finds you FAR more despicable than Donald J. Trump, the man you consider to be the anti-Christ?
Let that sink in.
We consider you to be more despicable, more dangerous, more stupid, and more narcissistic than Donald Trump. Maybe allow yourself a few seconds of self-reflection to let that sink in. This election isn’t about Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden.
This is about Donald Trump vs YOU.
So, if on the morning of November 4 (or more likely January 19, by the time the Supreme Court will weigh in on the mail-in ballot fiasco that we are headed towards), and Donald J. Trump is reelected?
The only people you have to blame is the left-wing media drones and yourselves.
You did this.
Yep, you.”
Once again, this is NOT my opinion.

Supreme court

With the passing of Ginsberg today, we are in real trouble for decades.

The republicans have the votes and the desire to fill her spot before January.

While the Senate refused to confirm Obamas pick because he was in his last year,
he will probably be in quite a hurry to fill this one, and there nothing we can do to stop him.

This will leave the court conservative 6 to liberal 3 for decades.
Mitch the Schnorer wants his legacy to be the packing of the court and this will be the icing on his cake.

I dont know of any legal/non violent way to fix this.
Suffice it to say that Im QUITE bummed.

Sharon is the daughter of Sully the Printer from faire.
Last year I was up working on his old place every weekend from the start of May through mid Aug.
This year, we have been only going up once a month since Feb.

Last trip, we pumped the overflowing septic tank from the main house, determined the tank for the guest house to be OK, did some minor fix up of the place.
I expected the septic issue to be far worse than it was. We got a break.

We cleared the space in front of the guesthouse of rocks, so that we could dig out the weeds.
If you cut them down, they never go away. If you dig them out, they are gone.

Water woes have been part of the problem since we started going up.
The city ran water out there after the aquifer was contaminated with hexavalent chromium.
Near as we can tell, we are getting 20psi at 1.5 gal per min.
Don & I finally found the water meter almost a 1/4 mi north along US-101.

We have done things to incrementally improve water flow, but not enough.
This weekend, we will pull the water meter and see what the flow is at the meter.
This will tell us how gunked up the pipes from there up are.
Maybe the meter isnt getting much, maybe the meter is gunked up, or maybe the pipe from the meter are all
gunked up.
I am SO not looking forwaard to running a quarter mi of replacement water line.
We will see.

We hope to test a pressure washer for paint stripping so that we can get some buildings repainted.
This weekend, we will find out how long it takes to strip a square foot so we can figure out how long it
will take.

The other caper is to find the leachfield for the main house septic.
When the tank overflowed, it filled the leach lines with sediment,
rendering the septic tank more of a holding tank.
Once we know where it is, Im hoping to find the end so that we can flush out the lines.
With the lines flushed out, Im hoping we can load the system with "hi count" and rejuvenate the gravel without digging it up.

If, by some fluke, we manage to raise the flow rate for the property,
the tankless heater in the guesthouse might actually come to life.
Sharon, being the property owner, is the only one on the property without hot water.

The tenants who are supposed to be doing brush clearing for their rent just sit on their
butts playing video games and *I* end up doing their chores for them.
What I SHOULD do, is bring a wifi jammer with me.
WHY am *I* busting my butt in 95 degree heat while they sit air conditioned goofing off?
Sharon wont let me cut off their air conditioning while Im sweating out in the sun.
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From beige to blue

Today, a good part of the day included almost blue sky.
I ate lunch on the front porch to enjoy it.

Im reminded of the song "Blue Sky".
Beige skies,
Ash raining on me,
Nothing but blue skies, do i see...

Need to work on that some more. Fire season isnt over.

Last Wed was the only real "nuclear winter" day, but the sky has been baige for at least 3 weeks.

Someone commented on a post, and I realized that they didnt know very much about political science.
Having been forced to take Poly SCi in college, I actually ended up loving it and took more.
This has served me well recently.
I almost wonder if I might have had a career in political strategy.

Im going to post part of my reply here, hoping that the factual bits fill in gaps in peoples knowledge.
Admitedly, there is a certain amount of my personal opinion in here as well.
Here goes:

Its a little frustrating reading all these posts from people who have not studied Political Science.
While I was forced to take a course in it, I ended up loving it and took more.
This has given me a better understanding than most people have, including others who replied to your post.

Yes, there will be an election in Nov

Its a crapshoot which way it will go because 2 of the largest voting blocks are Evangelical Christians and non college educated white males.
The Dems took the "Archie Bunkers" for granted but didnt do squat for them for decades.
Trumps election was predictable.

The military is not fond of Trump.
There are a lot of people in the military who would LOVE to drag the "Toddler in Chief" out the door on inauguration day.
They do NOT like being used as the presidents private goon squad.
Thats why we have DHS in Portland in stead of the Army.
The Pentagon simply refused to beat or shoot protesters.
The military learned ALOT from VietNam.

DHS has a lot to fear in a Dem victory in Nov.
DHS risks being torn to shreds for their involvement as Trumps "storm troopers"

Hilary GAVE Trump the election because of a severely flawed campaign.
Space here does not allow to break her failures down.

Hilary also shares one characteristic in her staffing with Trump.
Neither tolerates dissention in their staffs.
Its is VERY important to ALWAYS have a "Devils Advocate".
"Mr President/Madam Secretary, you are about to shoot youself in the foot with a cannon and I cannot allow you to comit political suicide"
Neither staff tolerates this. Both staffs were crammed with "Yes people"

Why did the pious Evengelicals throw in with Trump?
Simple, Trump promised them an anti abortion Supreme Court.

So, if Trump loses, expect a thorough sabotage that will take Biden months to repair before he is able to roll out a vaccine when it finally gets approved.
Even if he manages to pardon all his goons on the way out, his pardon only works on Fed charges.
The state of NY will eventually get their hands on him and they will rip him to shreds.

So far, the FDA has been able to refuse the rushing of the vaccine.
The Moderna is pretty safe
(I do have a bio medical engineering background and I HAVE read the patents)
In the old days a vaccine was a vaccine. No longer.
Each one works slightly differently and it wont be long before you have to research WHICH cvaccine you want for a given ailment.
Imagine reading consumer reports for vaccines.

I highly doubt the Moderna CAN hurt anyone because of the way it works.
Its biggest problem is whether it is 50% or more effective.
If I had money, I would have bought stock in Moderna.

Pandemics are followed by civil unrest. Umemployment brings unrest.
All the hot spots in the world are related to unemployment.
Palestine? Syria? etc, All have very high unemployment.

Many things in the US need to be fixed.
There is a protest, promises are made, everything gets forgotten when the news cycle moves on.
This time, with high unemployment, the unrest was bigger and changes are being made.
Bad cops are being fired, bad politicians are actually getting busted etc.
This is because people are not working.

We have about 6 months of political chaos ahead.

Trump was incredibly lucky in that he got the magic bingo card combination that gave him the Electoral College, allowing him to win without the popular.

The Electoral College was originally tasked with 2 things.
It was to make it less likely that more populist states would totally steamroller smaller states.
There was also a populist push to establish a king of the US.
Remember, the average American wasnt too bright then or now.
The Electoral College was smarter and better educated than most of the country at the time and it was hoped that it would help quash the whole King of the US thing.

It is faintly possible, that Trump could once again win the Electoral, but he does not have all his former support, so it will be VERY close.

If the Electoral cant make a decision, then on Jan 6, the congress takes over, with the newly seated.
The house chooses the president and the Senate choses the Veep.

Heres where it gets interesting:

The Dems need a minimum of 3 Senate seats to pick up.
They have one Dem seat in danger, so they really need to add 4.

If the Dems pick up 5 Senate seats, they can overide a Trump presidency and impeach.

If they only pick up 4 and Biden wins, they are still OK.

In the House, even with the Dems in command, it does not mean the House will choose Biden as in the house States have multiple seats, but in choosing President, each state only gets one vote.
It is theoretically that a Democratic House could STILL choose Trump.

It is possible that we could also end up with a Biden-Pence or more hysterically funny, a Trump-Harris.
Think about the latter for a moment.
Wouldnt that just RUIN Trumps day if he got reelected, but got both houses in Dem hands AND a DEM Veep ?

One of the risks of a Trump second term is that the statute of limitations may run out on some of his past deeds.
It is possible that the only reason he has stuck around for the abuse he has rightiously earned, is to run out the clock.

His postmaster general is heading for real trouble on the state level.

The legal profession is so outraged at Barr, that he probably wont be able to practice law after his time on the DoJ is over.

Trump demands loyalty above all else, but gives no loyalty in return.
When the states start going after him and his family, he wont be able to daangle
pardons for state level crimes, so his goons will turn on him like a rabid dog.

It will take a while, but somewhere around 2023, if hes still alive, hes going to get hauled into court and hes going to get shredded.

One last point is about sweeping things under the rug.

We were upset that Obama was prevented from nominating judges in his last term.
Where did that precedent come from?
Yup, Biden was warned when he did it to the Republicans that it might come back to
haunt him and sure enough it came back to bite his running mate.

The obstruction caused by "Mitch the SChnorer" ?
Nancy Pelosi did that one first.
A few terms ago, she announced the first 100 days of a congress session where they
were going to steamroller HER agenda and they were going to totally freeze out the Republicans.
So, years later, Mitch did the same thing to HER party.

Someone paying attention, should have been able to predict this.

So what about sweeping this under the rug?
They HAVE to sweep it under the rug if there is ANY chance of dialing things back in DC.
If they go on a tear and fry every Trump micreant, you can expect things to get even worse (yes its possible)

I revile Trump, but I cant feel too sorry for the Dems,
as they brought alot of this on themselves.

No matter what happens, its going to get a lot more ugly than it is now.
Possibly armed insurrection in the streets.
Its possible that the insurrection act will be called and the military refuses to act.

At some point, the winners need to give some thought how they treat the losers.
In fast, the way the winners have treated the losers is all about how we go tto where we are right now.

And so, this is nuclear winter?

I cant figure out why Dreamwidth prepopulates my subject line.
Id rather chose new post and have a blank subject line.
I wonder to to fix?

Reading baack through recent posts, I note the large quantities of typos on my part.
Its a tad embarassing.

The last few days, the sky has been beige.
Im used to that late Oct-early nov, but this is a bit early for that.

Then there was the evening this morning. (Not a typo)
I woke up at 6 and noted that it was still dark.
I figured it was the shortening of the days.
I went back to sleep and got up again at 0830.

It was still dark. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
Dad was using a desklamp to read the paper.

I went out front.
It was like late twilight, only insteaad of a purple sky, it was dark brown.
The news says the sky is orange, but to me its definitely brown.
The streetlights were still on.

Im thinking of writing a parody of "Blue Skies" as "Beige Skies".
If I do, Ill post lyrics here.

Finally around 1030-1100 it lightened up to a dark beige, returning to twilight around 1600.
Its going to be like that for a few days.

Yesterday, Denver plunged from 90 to 30 overnight.
The Canadian weather that brought cold & snow to CO, is blowing all west coast smoke from north to south,
so we are getting smoke from fires in WA & OR besides those north of the bay area.

Monday night, they kept breaking into programming on KQED with evacuation announcements fior various zones along Russian River.

This is going to be a LONG faall...

Amidst all this chaos, the cold brought by the lack of sunlight is easing the firefighting.

The other bright kight, is that local agencies are starting to talk about logistics of vaccination.

Im still expecting at least one vaccine approval around new years.
Im expecting chaos in DC to delay the roll out.
After the front line people get vaccinated, Im expecting sometime summer 2021 to start on normal people
and that to taake possibly halfway into 2022.

Well, government agencies are actuaally starting to thnk about it and they are coming to grips with
the possibility that it could take 2 years to vaccinate the US.
As depressing as this is, it shows that there are a few functioning brain cells amongst the government and
Im glad they have gotten off their butts to think about this logistics problem.

Even more impressive is that they are thinking about how to vaccinate the third world.
They have finally figured out that refrigeration and landing strip sizes are going to be a problem.

Albuquerque is working on plans for drive up vaccination to the tune of 2000 people per hr.

I still believe Southern Renn Faire is toast for 2021 and now Im wondering if its also dead for 2022.
Hopes for Northern & Dickens for 2021 are now fading in my mind.

They are doing news stories about people going back to clean out their offices, realizing they wont be back in anytime soon.
This is coinciding with an uptick in hiring activity in some secters.
It appears that companies are now resigned to not going back into the office until late 2021 at the earliest.
This means they cant delay hiring until then.
Some good things might come out of this, now that companies are finally getting their collective acts together.

Of course with everyone working remote, pay grades are being slashed.
Nobody has explained why they work is worth less if performed from home.
I actually hate working from home, but Im stuck with it.

This morning in Berkeley

According to the BBC, one location in Los angeles hit 120 yesterday, although my meather app said it was only 110.
This morning at 0700, in the Berkeley hills, it was already mid 70s and rising.
Today, it feels humid or muggy.

Today is projected to be cooler than yesterday and tomorrow warmer than today but cooler than yesterday,
and then the heatwave breaks.

Im not sure Ive ever eaten breakfast on the front porch before.
This weekend marks 35 years at this address.

This just in, Biden has finally given Trump a nickname of his own "President Tweety"

Its phuquing hot out here...

And now todays temperatures in the bay area:

Willits 104
Ukiah 111
Cloverdale 112
Santa Rosa 107
Healdsburg 110
Petaluma 106
Novato 113
Vallejo 105
Fairfield 110
Vacaville 109
Davis 106
Sacramento 109
Fresno 106
Concord 111
Livermore 110
Pleasanton 113
Berkeley 105
San Jose 103
Felton 115
Pacifica 95
San Francisco 102

Anyone see a pattern here?
Is this REALLY a Chinese hoax ?

Note the San Francisco 102 and the Berkeley 105.
There was a time when San Francisco shut down when temps broke 80.
With the ocean breeze coming in, its incredible that SFO or Berkeley can get that hot.
Remember the one about the coldest winter in San Francisco being in the summer?

Novato is warmer than Sacramento ?
Novato warmer than Fresno ?

And I hear that Devner is preparing for a September snow....


Last year, SHaron Son & I were up at her dads (Sully the Printer) place at willits,
every weekend from the start of May til mid Aug.
This year we dropped back to once a month.

I am the one with knowledge of building codes, and a better knowledge of building skills than Don.
Im also someone who wakes up around 0600 and am ready to start working then up there.
They prefer to set the alarm for 7, get out of bed 0830, and lounge around til noon.

Ive now chased enough poison oak up there, I seem to be developing more resistance to it.

Last year, after much work, we got a functional, locking door on the guesthouse,
got permanent water running, and managed to finally unclog all the drains.

We are able to KIND of get around in the main house.
The tenants who were supposed to be doing light maintenance didnt.
There is over 12 years of defrayed maintenance to get caught up.

The first tenants actually trashed the place and the second bunch didnt
do squat to maintain the place, but have managed to accumulate over 3 dozen cars,
Cthulu only knows how many tires, lots of junk, and is seems they have been slowly
mining the place for appliances.

In the main house, the range, washer & dryer ended up being stripped for metal value.
I did find 5 dead fridges in the mainhouse kitchen.
I personally tested, and hauled them out to the junk pile.

Guest house washer dryer and fridge also mined for metal.

In their defense, after a LOT of pushback, they eventually cleared 2 windrows of garbage
and hauled it to the dump.
Each wind row was about 4-5 ft tall and about 50 ft long.
Basically 12 years of garbage.

They are only still there because they actually DO make sure strangers dont wander into the property.

After that, we had Faire season.

This year, the plan was to concentrate on painting
It didnt work out that way.

The current tennant moved 3 of her sons on the property without checking with Sharon.
1 of them was TOTALLY useless and never did anything. He has now left.
1 is mostly useless and has now moved his girfriend in after Sharon told them no more new residents.

The third son, is the only one with a job, hes trying to get his life back together,
and he is WILLING to do work, but cant do it all.

Being that he is from a different father, he doesnt get treated well.
Since he has a job, they others think he owes them money.
His share of the utilities has a surcharge on it because hes employed.

Since he is willing to do maintenance, we decided we needed to improve his accomodations.
He was staying in a room tagged to the back of the mainhouse.

We restarted electrical on the main house so that he could get off the shared electrical bill.
This also enabled us to recover the indoor Romex that had been run on the ground outdoors to
run a sungle outlet in his room.
This enraged his mom & brother, because they couldnt profit off his electrical anymore.

Next we needed to get him hot water so he didnt have to go over to the "Studio" to shower.
Sharons step grandad was an artist and had a studio.
His mom is in there now having converted it into a living space, if you can call it that.
The hot water heater for the guest house had already been hijacked by the studio a few years when they
needed a new one.

Sharon reaally wanted to go with tankless water heater.
Keep in mind, Sharon is the landlady and shes the only one on the site who doesnt have hot water,
and only recently got full time running water.

The problem with tankless heaters is that the auto shut off if a minimum number of gallons
per minute arent flowing through. This is a safety feature.
Off the top of my head, Ill guess that the whole place only gets 1-2 gal per minute.

We finally had to install a normal tank type water heater in the main house.

At this point, Charles no longer has to shower in the studio,
no longer pays a surcharge for his electricity.
and no longer has to flush his toilet with a bucket.

The latest panic came when a funny smell around behind the mainhouse and flushing the toilet created runoff.
I knew we would have to deal with septic, but hoped it would be a while.
It was now at the top of the critical list.

I also vaguely knew the septic for the guestouse was out in front,
only knowing about the mainhouse septic by following the river and digging out the concrete lid.
I dug out both lids early in the morning before it got stupid hot.

The guesthouse septic seems to be in good shape. Its lid is covered by a steel plate.
We had avoided the top of it, not knowing what kind of lid, and not wanting a swim.
I narrowly avoided a riding a front end loader into one in college, and still have no desire to go swimming.
The only thing going into it is the toilet, with the sinks going to a greywater system.
After 12 years, it should be pumped, eventually, but its OK for now.

The sediment in the main house septic was up to the top.
The good news is that it smells like properly functioning septic, and again, only toilets go to this septic.
Well running septics have a special smell, not at all like an overflowing toilet.
We got it pumped out last trip, but having gotten this full, the drainfield is probably full of sediment.
This means that for now, it is a holding tank.

Last fall, the pressure booster pump failed and nobody saw fit to tell us.
We might have been able to fix it then, before it totally failed.

Last year, the first few trips were day trips until we had a functional door and were
able to flush the toilet.
We couldnt find the water shutoff.
I figured out how to run a hose from the hosebib at the studio to back feed the guest house through
its hose bib.
This gave us a working toilet. We were now able to do an overnight with a camp stove.

We eventually got the power turned on for the guesthouse, but with a history of past electrical problems,
we only enabled kitchen and porch light circuits.
This enabled us to run a minifridge that i found out in the junk pile.

Mid Aug 2019 was our last weekend up there before faire season.
That was when I found this capped off piece of pipe at the booster pump.
An unscheduled hardware run later, we were free of the garden hose and the guest house had cold water full time.

In Feb, we were stuck indoors with a snow storm, I got in the attic and started working on getting
the inside lighting circuit sorted out with Don manning the braker panel.
I found several "open neutral" problems.
Sharon returned from the story to find working lights and a couple outlets outside of the kitchen.

The main house hot water and the flooring (Don was the expert on the flooring) and a few other capers
have delayed start on the painting.
We are dealing with peeling paint and really need to jump on this now.

Ive managed to start diagnosing a number of sash window woes.

Last trip, I FINALLY found the water meter for the place, and the city water shut off, 1/4 mi up US 101
from our driveway.

This weekend, we were supposed to try using a water blaster to strip paint,
and for us to add a tee in the line near the meter to measure pressure and gal/min.
We were hoping to start clearing brush where we THINK the drainfield is and do a number of smaller capers.

If we can find the end of the drainfield, we can pressure wash the inside of the line,
load heck out of it with high count bacteria and maybe rejuvenate the gravel bed without digging up the field.

Unfortunately, the smoke in the bay area has Sharon on the sick list, so I dont know when we are going to try again.
Its supposed to be 100 in Willits on Sunday. On the same day, Concord is supposed to hit 110.

Whats frustrating, is that the tenants are staying there for free in return for keeping the place clean,
and they arent doing that.
For the last 5 months, Ive witnessed Sharon telling them that the roofs are to be swept of leaves,
decks swept, and bruch trimmed 20ft radius of all buildings.
It doesnt happen, and I have to clear brush (doing their jobs) in order for me to do my job.

Sharon is losing patience with me complaining about them.
Im waiting for her to lose her patience with them.

Meanwhile the job search is going abysmally and Im out of money.
Maybe i should just go jump off the roof.